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Handy Mandarin is an innovative online study platform to learn to speak mandarin run by MasterChina Chinese Language and Culture Institute which was founded in Shanghai China in 2005. Handy Mandarin leverages the rich communication possibilities now afforded by the Internet, combined with MasterChina's well-established operations and professional teaching staff, to deliver the same teaching system used in our academy to a global audience.

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Our aim is that our students can express their own opinions in Chinese freely, precisely and confidently.

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We commit to delivering the most time efficient, and convenient, Mandarin study by showing how understanding Chinese logic/thinking will help you to unlock Mandarin grammar.

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Our mission is to deliver a truly customized and interactive program, supported by professional native teachers, for online students; anytime, anywhere.

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All course packages use an all-inclusive pay as you go pricing model, with no extended lock-in.

The Internet provides access to a mindboggling array of Mandarin practice partners, tuition APPs and endless study resources. All students should carefully consider which teacher/school to select, or which resources/APPs to use and this is challenging, as quality standards are variable. While practice with native speakers is an excellent way to develop practical communication skills, accelerated progress can be made in combination with the guidance of a professional Mandarin teacher, to correct grammar, pronunciation and help overcome persistent mistakes.

While there are excellent individual teachers available via the Internet, and of course face to face if you have that option, without the resources of a professional organization, it is hard for these individual teachers to find time to constantly refresh their teaching materials, approach and provide teaching on demand to multiple students. As an established academic training provider since 2005, Handy Mandarin commits to solving these issues for global learners to maximize the return on their time invested, in a transparent and cost-efficient-manner.

Handy Mandarin’s training stands out from competing programs in the market, thanks to MasterChina’s highly effective teaching system which has been proven and honed over the past decade. By breaking away from the traditional method of teaching Mandarin, based on constant repetition, MasterChina has created its own unique training methodology to improve the efficiency of students’ study and help them rapidly develop their practical communication skills. Using our unique approach and study materials, more than 5,000 students from over 40 countries are moving closer to, or have already achieved, their Mandarin language goals.

Handy Mandarin is a creative platform that integrates listening, speaking, reading and writing practice, as well as close interaction with professional teachers and assigned practice partners. Using a computer, tablet or mobile phone, students can easily participate in grammar practice or Chinese character classes, practise their listening and speaking skills, access our extensive vocabulary bank or study rich media resources. During study, our professional teachers and practice partners give continuous instruction to students, anytime and anywhere.

Comment from Students

“MasterChina really understands how to make Mandarin accessible. MasterChina's method quickly taught me how to structure virtually any sentence properly and confidently. I was amazed how many similarities there are with English. Friends who studied at other schools can really see the difference in my fluency.”

Rorie Oneill

Communication Chinese Course

“Learning Chinese at MasterChina is the best choice. I had two courses before at another school and did not learn much as in half course of MasterChina. Its method follows the English expressions but with simple bridge into the Chinese thinking. All my Chinese employees are surprised how fast I improved my Chinese.”

Roland Klingner

Communication Chinese Course

“I like MasterChina’s teaching method because it’s very practical, in a few weeks you can use some of the things you’ve learned in your daily life. My tutor explains the basics and the structure of language very clearly so it’s easy to understand and remember. The books are divided by topics that are full of useful vocabulary, and includes useful cultural insights in each lesson that make it even more interesting to learn.”

Beatriz Garcia

Communication Chinese Course

“I first studied Chinese in a university in Shanghai. But, my classes with Masterchina made me look at the Chinese language in a completely different way. I realized that in order to be able to read and understand a text in Chinese, it is not necessary to know every single character, but to approach it like looking at a picture. This method allowed me to improve my reading ability in a very short period of time. Very fast and efficient way of learning!”

Josipa Markovic

HSK-Exam Preparation Course

“MasterChina really does have an effective teaching style. Just the right balance to keep lessons interesting. My focus is on reading and my tutor prepares for me personalized selections of materials from the daily news, and related discussions. This provides me continued insight into China’s rapid business and cultural developments.”

Dan Guttman

Advanced Reading and Spoken Course

“This is the first time I take online language course. I am very happy I found a reliable professional provider. Unlike other online language study platforms, Handy Mandarin’s course is creative and well organized, either in teaching or course administration. Handy Mandarin’s grammar instruction are very impressive. I also enjoy communication with the native practice partner. She is arranged by Handy Mandarin and understands my study well. She helps me to transfer all knowledge into practical communication skill. I can see my obvious progress in short time.”

Alex Asher

online Program of Communication Chinese

“Before I studied with MasterChina, I have passed HSK 5. But I lack of communication skill of deep discussion. MasterChina tailored a comprehensive course for me. In the class, my teacher and I focus on the underlining structure and try to get a better sense of the deeper meaning and nuances of the Chinese languages while we use authentic material about current phenomena in China. My teacher always pushes me to the "why" to not just understand the Chinese language from a technical but also from an emotional point of view.”

Peter Hergemoeller

Advanced Reading and Spoken Course

“Although Master China does not specialize in preparing students for the HSK tests, the classes, text books and exercises prepare you well, and the teachers are familiar with the HSK concept. The teachers know exactly when the student is ready to enroll for the HSK test on each level. The tips and preparation I got from my teacher was very useful. She helped me to cope with the time pressure during the test, to categorize the questions, and to prepare myself for each question beforehand. After the preparation with Master China, I was well-prepared, confident, and passed HSK 1 and 2 easily.”

Christine Pflueger

HSK Preparation Course