Most Effective Chinese Study

By breaking away from the traditional method of teaching Mandarin, emphasising constant repetition, Handy Mandarin has created our own unique training system, methodology and study materials. There is no need for endless dialogues when you use our approach. You will soon be expressing yourself in Chinese clearly and confidently.


To help rapidly develop practical communication skills, our full comprehensive syllabus, and teaching materials, have been designed to reduce the number of hours of study needed to achieve a given level of proficiency. We teach each level, from beginner to advanced, using an integrative set of listening, speaking, reading and writing exercises based around everyday situations. Each level builds on the previous, developing you on your personal journey to proficiency.

Our system has been honed over the last decade of teaching and is based around a practical understanding, and application, of Chinese grammar. Our grammar instruction concentrates on know-why, as opposed to know-how, so that students can understand the logic of sentences, borne out of Chinese logic, and hence create their own expressions freely. As students’ skills build, they can instinctively use the correct sentence structure, even if it is quite different to English. In this way our students avoid making many of the common mistakes that most students learning Chinese tend to make; even after years of study.

One very tangible way to demonstrate the effectiveness of our system is that, after around 50-70 hours of study, 90% of our beginners achieve the top excellent grade in levels 1 and 2 of China’s officially recognized language proficiency exam (HSK). This achievement usually takes one year of study in universities.


We recognize that every student is unique. A personalized study scheme is always the best solution to make rapid progress. Whatever level of proficiency you are currently at (from total novice to experienced), you will be invited to discuss your goals, or specific concerns, before you begin studying with Handy Mandarin. In this way, we can tailor your program most effectively.

After we understand your interests and objectives, your study materials will be personally selected (and updated as you progress) for you by highly proficient teachers. Your personal study account will be set up to receive comprehensive study resources. Every student can decide their pace of study for themselves and your teacher will update study resources in line with this. All selected material is delivered via our free APP which is available for iOS and Android, as well as for PCs. Every student can unlimited access to study resources in account, anytime and anywhere.


Personalization is only truly effective when combined with constant interactivity and this, along with our teaching approach, is the key to the effectiveness of our online course. Using your smart phone, or PC, you are in constant touch with your teacher. Through use of instant messaging, you can send questions and homework, via audio clip, picture or video and receive detailed explanation; usually the same day. You can also talk directly to the teacher.

In addition, every student can join a one-hour, one on one, practice session every week, with a local Chinese partner assigned to you by your teacher. This is a great opportunity for you to test out your new knowledge with a local, as well as discussing current topics of interest in China. Your practice partner will debrief your teacher, after each session, so they can quickly address any weaknesses identified.


As well as being assigned to a personal professional teacher, every student (or group if joining together) can also join a virtual class based on both your timezone and knowledge level. All classes have limited size and each class has dedicated teachers. You can chat with other class members and you, or your teacher, are free to share examples and insights for the benefit of your whole class. Being part of a class, on the same learning journey, is a useful motivator and the ability to share your questions and tips helps us all improve.


Handy Mandarin wants to bring you the freshest possible resources and vocabulary. Want to know how to say “Selfie” in Chinese? No, well we are going to tell you anyway! We are here to introduce you to the latest vocabulary and phrases, explain some of the most commonly used idioms, as well as share topical news stories to both stimulate and teach. We believe that an understanding of China helps you to improve your mastery of the language, as the people and the language are one, hence we integrate the study of Chinese culture into our online course. In addition, our core materials are constantly evolving to reflect the rapid pace of change of modern day life; while also taking on-board suggestions from current students.