Learn Mandarin Online Resolution No.2 – Common Setbacks

When foreigners know I am the chief teacher of a Chinese language school, they always describe their frustration in the Chinese study. I clearly felt they worked so hard but  were quite disappointed with progress. I cannot help asking a question: “Students’ failure to achieve their Chinese study goals; whose fault is it?” I have observed, over the past decade of Chinese teaching that many hard-working and passionate Chinese teachers are not aware of the difference between western study and traditional Chinese teaching.

Here are the most common setbacks from learners:

Point 1: During my study, on each topic of my textbook there are specific expressions and dialogues to match the particular context. It feels like the road ahead of Chinese learning is endless, just like the situations I will encounter in everyday life.

My comment: “Real communication requires spontaneous and flexible responses.  A lack of specific vocabulary does not necessarily pose challenges in Chinese speaking as long as we can manage to express our meaning clearly. Hence, teachers should set their teaching goal as enabling their students to create their own expressions freely, rather than simply regurgitating textbook phrases”

Though enlarging your vocabulary is crucial, it is not as vital as adopting the Chinese way of thinking. Grammar instruction should concentrate on know-why, as opposed to know-how, so that students can understand the logic of sentences, borne out of Chinese logic, and hence create their own expressions freely. Only by thus doing, can a foreigner speak Chinese as naturally and fluently as a local.Free chinese speaking classes:https://handymandarin.com/. Learn chinese youtube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVElMaC_qim1yqhQnhZMHaA