How to Choose the Right Textbook in Chinese Learning? – Learn Mandarin Online Resolution No.3

Since I started my Chinese teaching career in 2005, I have seen the Chinese textbooks abound in the book market all over the world. How to choose the right textbook that suits your level and your way of study is crucial. A textbook that suits you can stimulate you to develop a keen interest in Chinese learning and motivate you to invest your energy persistently.

Point 2: All Chinese textbooks have similar topics. The only difference between texts is slightly different sentences and vocabulary. How to judge which is better?

My comment: “A textbook should weave new vocabulary and grammar into the text elaborately and systematically to further student’s skills of speaking Chinese  step by step. Unfortunately, in practice the dialogues in most textbooks are arranged randomly and thus the strategy of building up capabilities gradually is overlooked. This weakness has been covered up by most traditional Mandarin teaching emphasizing repeating and reciting.

So when it comes to judging whether the textbook is right for you, check it from the following aspects.

  1. Whether the content of textbook is relevant and interesting to you.
  2. Whether the publisher is renowned and prestigious.
  3. Whether the teaching forms are varied and effective.

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