Handy Mandarin is launched!

We are pleased to formally launch our independent online study platform, Handy Mandarin. Our academy, founded in Shanghai China in 2005, is a trusted provider of face-to-face Mandarin and Chinese cultural tuition to individual, and groups of, students in and around Shanghai. We are now ready to share our well-established operations, professional teaching staffs’ knowledge and highly effective teaching method to a global audience.

Anywhere and anytime, using your computer, tablet or mobile phone, you can easily participate in grammar instruction or practice, improve your listening and speaking skills, or access our extensive vocabulary bank. In addition, we connect you daily to a professional teacher, and native practice partners, who together will help you progress through a structured syllabus, which is tailored to meet your specific aims.

Each part of this website explains our operation in detail. We hope our efforts can support committed students all over world to achieve their Mandarin goals. We look forward to hearing from you to make our service the best it can be. If you sign up for our, no obligation, free month trial, you can judge for yourself as we get to know each other ….