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How to Choose the Right Textbook in Chinese Learning? – Learn Mandarin Online Resolution No.3


Since I started my Chinese teaching career in 2005, I have seen the Chinese textbooks abound in the…

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Learn Mandarin Online Resolution No.2 – Common Setbacks


When foreigners know I am the chief teacher of a Chinese language school, they always describe their frustration…

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New Year Learn Mandarin Online Resolution No.1 – Discover the Key to Speak Chinese Freely


If you are learning mandarin in the conventional way, you might be requested to memorize phrases and dialogue…

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Learn Mandarin Online with Handy Mandarin


Handy Mandarin has developed an online Chinese learning platform which allows us to offer you a fully interactive,…

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Handy Mandarin is launched!


We are pleased to formally launch our independent online study platform, Handy Mandarin. Our academy, founded in Shanghai…

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